New workshop to be run within an organisation

Dealing with uncertainty

• Political & Economic uncertainty is the new business environment norm.

• Uncertainty can be managed effectively but needs analytical tools

• Learn about causes and responses to achieve competitive advantage

Not all uncertainty is the same, yet in the drive to seek certainty we tend to treat each unknown component as equally unknowable. There are degrees & solutions.


This in-house workshop, which can be tailored to your business and specific requirements, provides the tools and techniques necessary to meet the challenge.

Causes of uncertainty

examine different types of uncertainty, demystify the intelligence gap, make sense of the unknown, and appreciate what is knowable:
– Sources of uncertainty: knowledge gaps – inadequate data or intelligence.
– Types of uncertainty: foresight matrix: known-knowns to unknown-unknowns.
– Implications for action: identify, collect, analyse and interpret missing pieces.

Response to uncertainty

exploit the benefit to be gained from a rational mind-set tuned to prevent errors common to collective or consensual decisions.

– Individual v Group: how a group dynamic alters attitude to risk and ambiguity.

– Groupthink: compounding errors in the collective comfort of cognitive bias.

– Rationality: neutralising bias through restoring objectivity to decision-making.

Who should attend

• Directors of Corporate Strategy, Policy or Long-range Planning
• Directors of Business Development, Market Research and Foresight
• Directors of Risk, Compliance or Business Assurance
• Non-Executive Directors, Governors, Trustees and board advisors.

About the workshop

The workshop is facilitated by Garry Honey and Paul Moxey from CRSA forum. For further information do contact

About the presenters

Professor Garry Honey is the founder of Chiron Risk ( which analyses strategic risk in governance and compliance. He is particularly interested in how boards treat risk as future uncertainty and opportunity in strategic decisions; in contrast to risk as a threat mitigating control function for business continuity.

Professor Paul Moxey is Visiting Professor of Corporate Governance at LSBU and chairman of the CRSA Forum ( Paul works with boards and executive teams in assessing and improving their culture and governance and risk management practices to improve organisational performance and resilience.

For further information do contact